We're back baby!

and are up to Shirts & Games

Intense Shot PhotoHey Everybody! It’s been quite some time since we’ve dusted off the ol’ Extra Guy site, but it wasn’t for having nothing to do. If you’re joining us again after the site’s brief slumber, welcome back! If you’re a first time visitor, welcome! A lot has changed since we started up as a news and reviews website in 2009, and by golly, we’re finally ready to take that next step!

Let’s play catch-up: Our “big focus on small games” inspired us. Turns out there were a lot of people out there making their dream games into reality. Talking to them over the years taught us a valuable lesson: If you want to, you can do it. So we took that lesson to heart, moved away from writing content and started developing our own games. Our first finished project was the Choice Provisions-published Shutshimi: Seriously Swole, which we put out under the name Neon Deity Games. It’s the name we’ll be continuing to develop under, so keep an eye out for more from us in the future.

Our minds are naturally geared toward creating things, whether it’s games-based news coverage or now games themselves, or something else entirely. And with that we’re ready to unveil our latest project: T-shirts!

Intense Shot PhotoOur wares for you to wear These four designs are our first foray into the gaming t-shirt marketplace and are inspired by some of our favorite games. Turns out we had more than a few ideas for designs, and we loved them enough to make them a reality! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. These are only the first wave and man, do we like a lot of games, so expect more as we go forward.

What does this mean for Extra Guy? As we move forward, Extra Guy will continue to grow as a company that provides well-developed content for you to enjoy, whether that’s games, clothing, or something else we haven’t even thought of yet. Expect us to talk about our upcoming games and our experiences as content creators, or post videos of our progress. An archive of all our old content will be put up in the future, but it’s highly unlikely we’ll be moving back into games coverage. Luckily great sites like Indiegames.com and Warpdoor exist to keep you informed.

Anyway, thanks for coming to the site, and be sure to check back for more. We’re not done by a long shot!

top photo: Alex Fischer ; bottom photo: Cory Kurasz